“Kullu Napchi Jaikal Maut” – Every human being has to accept the taste of death- Al Quran.

We cannot breathe, that’s why poets said the veritable words- none can live forever in this world. Human lives are very short in this world.

No one notices about the time runs towards death, very few people think about life. But in this corona pandemic, every human being is thinking about life and death. It's been vital news when the first patient was identified as Corona positive. The Covid-19 virus took 3 months to reach Bangladesh from the Wuhan province of China. 

During this period, the government health department couldn't arrange the necessary steps to prevent the contraction of COVID-19.It was high time to fight against the virus but we failed due to a lack of coordination between the health ministry and the health department.

As per the Prime Minister's office and foreign ministry, when international media published some of the fraudulent activity with Covid-19 treatment and then expatriate people faced embarrassment in a foreign society.

Even the image of Bangladesh faced questions regarding those fraudulent activities.

Since there is no specific medicine for COVID-19 in the market. And again due to climate changes in Bangladesh, vitamins demand increases, along with the flu and cold medicine which creates a shortage of medicines.

Most of the shoppers using this scenario to earn more and they increased the price 10 times higher than the regular price, even the law enforcement department needs to take steps to control the high price.

This virus is not a local or regional problem, the whole world had seen 14 economic recessions since the historic era. And now COVID-19 pandemic added to that history and still facing the economic recession, created by the virus. The whole world doesn’t know yet where it ends and is utterly defeated by this virus. Educational institutes were closed, transport and industries are stopped the wheel, business trades are almost closed, business trades are almost closed, people losing their jobs, employed and unemployed both facing economic risk.


These photos are the reflections of ‘Dead Silence of  Life’ during pandemic times of Belal Ahmed's surroundings.